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Farming Five Acres~Everything Shabby and Unique


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The Temperment of an Angel

Female pup AKA Daisy
Daisy, female pup 8 weeks, $500.00

Female pup AKA Butterscotch
Butterscotch, 8 week female, $500.00

This is Big Red, a male SWEET SWEET pup
BIG RED, male 8 weeks, $500.00

The sweetest rarest brindled pup ever!!

Female brindled pup AKA Brinda
Brinda, 8 weeks, female, $500.0

We have been raising Goldadors for about three years. They are really good hunters and make the best family friendly pets ever. They really show the nicest qualities of both the Labs and the Goldens! Our female Black Lab ~Farming Five Acres Sleepy Dog~ delivered a grand litter of 10 pretty pups the first week of September 05. We are very excited about puppy time. The kids just love spending time with the puppies. This interaction that the kids have with the pups leads to a life time of affection from these sweet dogs. Current market value for the Goldadors is $500. The Goldadors are guaranteed healthy, given first shots, and wormed twice before going to their new owner. We require a $200 deposit that is non-refundable. Both parents have excellent hips, knees, and eyes!

Pixie~Miriam's Favorite of the litter.

More puppies!!!

Someone ate too much milk.


Goldadors are really starting to get recognized as a breed of their own. They have been used as seeing eye dogs for the blind, mostly due to their loving calm nature. They have been a joy to raise and have made for many precious moments around the farm. WE love having them around. We have 2 of the pups that we kept from previous litters plus Sleepy, the mom. They are just wonderful.

Goldadors are the best family pets!!

Farming Five Acres gives you that one-of-a-kind look you've always dreamed of...and more!