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Farming Five Acres~Everything Shabby and Unique
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A wonderful journey begins one step at a time!!

Hello and Welcome to Farming Five Acres!! We hope you will come on in and get to know us. We are the Hansen family. There are six of us here: Richard and Lorie have been married for 12 years. We have the four best kids around!! Noah, Miriam, Shay, and Meredith. We keep really busy with ebaying, homeschooling, going to college and running our five acres of Goldadors! We LOVE the Lord and try to do our best to do what is pleasing in HIS sight. We like to make things and get creative with what we have, so come back often, as there is sure to always be something interesting happening around here. NewsFlash!! Hey there, we are really getting busy this summer. We just started a new business of buying estates. We buy a whole house full or just bits and pieces. This is going to make for a very busy summer and fall. We will be selling more and more things here on the site and on Ebay. Be sure to check out both places for some really unique items.

~~*Sing unto the Lord a new song*~~

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Farming Five Acres gives you that one-of-a-kind look you've always dreamed of...and more!